Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal: Check details, Guidelines, Eligibility and Registration Process

  • Publish Date - November 25, 2023 / 04:01 PM IST

Rajasthan Education Minister Govind Singh Dostana has unveiled a new website, the Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal, designed to benefit all students in the state. This initiative by the government aims to ensure that every child receives quality education through online channels. The portal is a comprehensive platform that consolidates information related to exams, scholarships, jobs, and more. Students from class 9 to 12 can register on the portal to access detailed information. If you’re keen to learn about the Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for a complete overview.

Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal

The Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal, developed by the Rajasthan government, was launched on April 20, 2020. It quickly garnered attention from citizens and students eager to explore various subjects and access essential information for future studies. The portal is a collaborative effort with UNICEF, ensuring widespread benefits for all students.

Key Information about Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal

  • Official Name: Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal
  • State Government: Rajasthan
  • Department Name: School Mirror
  • Official Website: rajcareerportal.com
  • Registration Link: Offline/By School
  • Helpline No.: 91-141-2700872 / 0141-2711964

Guidelines PDF Download

For further details, interested individuals can download the guidelines PDF from the official website.

Benefits and Features

The Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal acts as a one-stop platform providing information on various subjects, entrance exams, scholarships, and upcoming exams. Students can access information on approximately 900 scholarships, creating a roadmap for their educational and career aspirations.

Eligibility and Registration Process

To be eligible, students must have completed class 9 and be enrolled in class 9 at the time of registration. The registration process involves obtaining a unique ID and password. The default password for first-time users is 123456, and students can change it after signing in. To register, students need to follow specific steps outlined on the portal.

Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal App Download (Android)

For added convenience, students can download the Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal app on their smartphones. The process involves accessing the Google Play Store, searching for the app, and installing it. The app allows students to log in, review information, and explore the entire application easily.

Other details

  1. Official Website URL: Rajcareerportal.com
  2. Eligibility: The portal is accessible to students from class 9 to 12 in Rajasthan.
  3. Personal ID: Students can obtain their special identity card from the administrator or school principal.
  4. Information Available: Career-related details, entrance exams, competitive exams, scholarships, philosophy, and college information.
  5. Unique ID Requirement: A unique ID is necessary to log in and access information on the portal.
  6. Functionality: The portal aims to help students plan a secure future by providing comprehensive career information.
  7. Eligibility for Other States: The portal is exclusively for students in Rajasthan; residents of other states cannot apply.

In conclusion, the Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal is a valuable resource for students in Rajasthan, offering guidance and information to shape their educational and professional journeys.