Watch this exclusive interview with MOJ star Creator Rashi, who has been creating quite a buzz on the short video platform MoJ with her amazing content and videos, to get an insight into the success story of Rashi

Edited By: , December 6, 2021 / 06:23 PM IST

When it comes to being talented, age is no bar. This is a social media generation and creators of all age groups are making their names in the digital space. You might be thinking that why we are talking about age all of a sudden and that’s because the creator we are going to talk about is just 13 years old. Rashi Shinde from Shirdi, Maharashtra has been nothing sort of sensational on the Moj app as the young creator has already surpassed 6 million followers. In a recent interview, she shared about her journey into the content creation industry and how she enjoys the love of all her fans. Rashi shared her story where her mom was trying to make a video but was not able to make it and ask her to go out of the room while she’s shooting it and after a while, her dad made a video for fun and posted it on social media and it got very viral. The young superstar was very happy to tell people that she gets all the support from her mom and dad. She was happy to add that her mom is her inspiration as she learned all this from her and it’s her dad who shoots the videos as well as does the editing and posting on the platform. So, it’s an all-family affair so far and according to her, that’s what makes it easy for her to make the videos and entertain people. The 13-year-old was so confident throughout the interview and was quick to ask for all the fans to love and support her throughout her journey.