Gandhi Jayanti 2021 : Gandhi Jayanti wishes, quotes, greetings and sms

Gandhi Jayanti 2021 : Gandhi Jayanti wishes, quotes, greetings and sms for your friends and family. We wish happy jayanti to all of you

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Gandhi Jayanti 2021: In India’s struggle for independence, Mahatma Gandhi, aka ‘Bapu,’ was a prominent figure. As well as being an architect of non-violent civil disobedience, he was also a leader of non-violent protest. A few days ago, Mahatma Gandhi was born in Gujarat, Porbandar. Gandhi Jayanti, held on October 2 every year, is a celebration honoring the leader who paved the way for Indian independence from the British.

Nonviolence and truth were priorities for Mahatma Gandhi. Throughout the ages, the teachings of the Father of Nation have been remembered and appreciated.

Let’s honor the great freedom fighter who left us countless valuable life lessons on this special day. This historical day can be marked with images, messages, Facebook posts, and WhatsApp statuses.

Taking a day to reflect on his life lessons is important, as it is important to take the time to read some of these quotes from our father of the nation. Greetings on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti 2020. 

Gandhi Jayanti wishes 2021

  • You should live as if tomorrow was your last day. Consider yourself to have an eternity to learn.
  • You are in control – change yourself.
  • To be humane, not to be human, is humaneness.
  • Freedom cannot exist without the ability to make mistakes.
  • The strong use nonviolence as a weapon.
  • Despite the fact that Earth satisfies all human needs, it does not satisfy all human greeds.
  • Lose yourself for the sake of others and you will find yourself.
  • When freedom doesn’t allow for mistakes, it isn’t worth having it.
  • A blind eye for a blind eye will only make the whole world blind.
  • I am protected from harm by no one except myself.

Gandhi Jayanti 2021 sms

  • Non-violence is thwarted by anger, while pride swallows it. In 2020, let us all wish Gandhi a happy birthday
  • There is only one man: the sum of his actions, his accomplishments, and his potential. In 2020, let us all wish Gandhi a happy birthday
  • There is more to Gandhi than a man. It is for this reason that we will always cherish Bapu Gandhi as a priceless gem. The year 2020 is Gandhi Jayanti!
  • It is impossible to lose a battle if you follow Bapu’s teachings with calm. May Gandhi’s birthday be a happy one.

Gandhi Jayanti 2021 wishes

  • Gandhi would like to be saluted on his birthday. Salute to India!
  • Ahimsa is to be practiced always in keeping with his teaching. Vande Mataram
  • There is enough difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing to solve most of the world’s problems. May Gandhi Jayanti be a celebration of peace and prosperity for all!!
  • Whenever I watch a sunset or observe the lunar beauty, I worship the creator. Let’s all wish Gandhi a happy birthday!
  • Take action to make the world a better place.
  • The patriotism I feel isn’t confined to me. I would reject any patriotism that exploits or seeks to exploit other nationalities on account of being patriotic. Gandhi
  • When you are defeated, you become a hero. In this sense, success can be described as a succession of glorious defeats.
  • India’s national life cannot be achieved without unity between the different races and communities of different faiths. 

Gandhi Jayanti 2021 quotes

  • Please pay tribute to Gandhi on this Gandhi Jayanti.
  • May this Gandhi Jayanti be a day filled with the spirit of truth and nonviolence. A very happy Gandhi jayanti to you!
  • In order to be worth anything, patience must endure until the end. In the darkest of storms, faith will survive. I wish you a happy Gandhi Jayanti!
  • Lose yourself for the sake of others and you will find yourself. I wish you a happy Gandhi Jayanti!
  • Be as harmonious as possible in your thoughts, words, and actions. Your focus should always be on purifying your thoughts. Wishing you all the best on Gandhi Jayanti

A true democratic spirit cannot develop when intolerance is present. Happy Gandhi Jayanti to all of you guys.