Delhi Ladli Yojana 2023: Check Eligibility, documents and full details |

Delhi Ladli Yojana 2023: Check Eligibility, documents and full details

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The Delhi Ladli Scheme aims to foster the empowerment and self-reliance of daughters in the state of Delhi. This initiative offers financial support at various stages of a girl child’s life, from birth to the 12th grade, with the assistance amount ranging from ₹5,000 to ₹11,000. The Delhi government allocates a dedicated budget for this scheme each year, underlining its significance in promoting gender equality and education. In the 2021 budget, the government approved a budget of ₹100 crore for the scheme’s implementation.

To apply for the Delhi Ladli Scheme for your daughter, you can download the application form from the official website and submit it either online or offline.

Delhi Ladli Yojana 2023

The primary goal of the Delhi Ladli Yojana 2023 is to promote a positive attitude towards daughters and combat negative perceptions. The scheme entails providing financial assistance for a girl child’s education from birth until the completion of the 12th grade. This support aims to empower and enable girls in Delhi by ensuring access to education, reducing dropout rates, and combating issues like female feticide.

Eligibility Criteria for Delhi Ladli Yojana

To be eligible for the Delhi Ladli Yojana, the following conditions must be met:

  • The applicant’s parents must be permanent residents of Delhi.
  • The girl child should be born in Delhi.
  • The annual family income should not exceed ₹100,000.
  • The girl child should be enrolled in a recognized school.
  • Only up to two daughters from a single family can avail of this scheme.

Important Documents for Delhi Ladli Yojana 2023 Application

When applying for the Delhi Ladli Yojana 2023, you will need the following essential documents:

  • Copy of the girl child’s and parents’ Aadhar cards.
  • Income certificate.
  • Birth certificate of the girl child.
  • A photograph of the parents with the girl child.
  • Proof of residence for the last three years.
  • Passport-sized photographs.
  • Caste certificate.
  • Bank account passbook.
  • Mobile number.

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