NREGA Job Card New List 2023 (नरेगा जॉब कार्ड ) check full details here |

NREGA Job Card New List 2023 (नरेगा जॉब कार्ड ) check full details here

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The NREGA Job Card New List 2023 is a roster of individuals enrolled in India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) program. NREGA is a government-backed employment guarantee initiative that offers a minimum of 100 days of wage employment in a fiscal year to rural households whose adult members willingly engage in unskilled manual labor.

NREGA Job Card New List 2023

For those who have applied for NREGA job cards and are now included in the New List 2023, they can verify their inclusion online through the official website The NREGA Job Card List is published annually by the Government of India. It incorporates new applicants while excluding previous beneficiaries who no longer meet the eligibility criteria. Eligible citizens must reapply each year to obtain or renew their NREGA job cards.

The Government of India has recently released the NREGA Job Card New List 2023 under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act of 2005. This initiative aims to provide employment opportunities to urban and rural underprivileged families across the country. The list is published separately for each state in India. Individuals whose names appear on this list will be issued a NREGA Job Card 2023, which includes detailed information about the beneficiary family members and their assigned work. This card entitles the holder to 100 days of employment, typically involving development projects at the Gram Panchayat (local self-government) level.

To access the NREGA Job Card New List 2023 for all 34 states of India, you can conveniently visit the official website of the scheme. Work assignments under the NREGA Job Card 2023 may include construction of housing, irrigation projects, tree planting, cowshed construction, road maintenance, and other development activities.

NREGA Job Card 2023 eligibility

To be eligible for the NREGA Job Card 2023, applicants must meet certain criteria:

  • They must be permanent residents of India.
  • Possession of a ration card is mandatory.
  • Only individuals aged 18 or above are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants should be skilled and willing laborers.

Applicants are required to submit specific documents along with their application, including Aadhar card, ration card, age certificate, income certificate, address proof, mobile number, and passport-size photographs.

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