Satish Kumar boxer olympics : Satish Kumar Tokyo Olympics 2021

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Satish Kumar boxer

Satish Kumar Tokyo Olympics : In the first half, both boxers were very cautious and did not go to extremes in their approach. Satish Kumar was quick on his feet and used himself to help us face the tall Ricardo Brown. Satish made sure he stayed away from Jamaican and used his key speed as he won the opening round with the same decision. The second round started with a strong Jamaican but failed to get many clean hits.

Satish Kumar Tokyo Olympics : Kumar kept pulling his opponent away from the center and dropped a few but successful punches as he also won the second round. It was clear that Ricardo needed a third major round and showed his intention from the start of the round.

Satish Kumar was brilliant in his performance as he managed to stay away from Jamaican where he annoyed his rival. Satish then put a few punches in the corner and Ricardo struggled to get into any rhythm. Satish Kumar knew he had done enough as he won the fight with a wide 4-1 split and would advance to the quarterfinals at the Tokyo Olympics.

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