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It might be romantic to associate Valentine's Day with romance, but the holiday's origin is not exactly romantic. You might not be aware of the history of Valentine's Day - and you can plan ahead by knowing when it falls in 2022.

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It might be romantic to associate Valentine’s Day with romance, but the holiday’s origin is not exactly romantic. You might not be aware of the history of Valentine’s Day – and you can plan ahead by knowing when it falls in 2022.

Valentine’s Day history dates back many centuries, no matter how you feel about it. The origins of Valentine’s Day are far less romantic than what we know it as today, with gifts, dinner reservations, and kissing. The Valentine’s Day story that wouldn’t have made it into a rom-com, featuring a saint, a massacre, and even sinful nuns (for real).

When is Valentine’s Day?

In case you forgot, Valentine’s Day always falls on February 14. The 2022 Valentine’s Day falls on Monday, February 14, and February 14 was a Sunday in 2021. In 2023, Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday, February 14. (For those making big plans, it will be February 14.)

Pope Gelasius declared February 14 to be St. Valentine’s Day at the end of the 5th century, and the day became a day of celebration ever since, even if it was more religious or romantic.

When was Valentine’s Day first celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is a fixed date on the calendar that got bundled up with Lupercalia, an ancient Roman holiday in mid-February, according to some historians. So Valentine’s Day became a celebration of love. A ritual of pairing men and women after choosing names from a jar may have been part of Lupercalia, which celebrated fertility. The god Zeus and the goddess Hera were married in ancient Greece during a midwinter celebration.

But who is Saint Valentine?

Little is known about him. St. Valentine’s Day, added to the Catholic liturgical calendar around 500 AD, is a feast day in the Catholic religion. Valentine was one of the martyred saints commemorated on this day. Saint Valentine Day was removed from the Christian calendar in 1969 because there was conflicting information about the figures named Valentine or Valentinus, and very little was known about these men.

Despite not knowing much about the true history of the saints on whom the holiday was based, there are several legends surrounding Saint Valentine. During the time of Claudius II, Saint Valentine was executed for refusing to convert to paganism. Prior to his death, Saint Valentine managed to heal the daughter of his jailer, who then converted to Christianity. In another legend, Saint Valentine of Terni, a bishop who was also executed, was the real inspiration for the holiday.

Others, however, maintain that St. Valentine was actually a Roman priest who performed weddings for soldiers forbidden to marry due to an emperor’s decree that married soldiers do not make good warriors. Soldiers recognized Saint Valentine by his ring, which has a Cupid on it as a symbol of love. The paper hearts he handed out were a precursor to greeting cards and a way for Christians to remember the love they had for God.

Due to this legend, St. Valentine has become known as the patron saint of lovers. Valentine prayers ask Saint Valentine to unite lovers, so that they may remember their devotion to God and become one.

What truly solidified the connection between Saint Valentine and love was a poem written by medieval author Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381, which historians consider the foundation for today’s Valentine’s Day holiday, where we celebrate our romantic relationship with another.

What is the purpose of Valentine’s Day?

Chaucer lived in the Middle Ages, during a time of courtly love when wide, romantic expressions of love-poems, songs, paintings-celebrated union. Within a few centuries, “valentine” was being used to refer to a lover in poetry and songs. In the 18th century, an English book called The Young Man’s Valentine Writer appeared. Valentine’s Day as we know it was born in the mid-19th century when mass-produced paper Valentine’s Cards were produced (though DIY Valentine card ideas still remain popular).

There has been a tragedy on Valentine’s Day in the past, as the romantic holiday is not exempt. On February 14, 1929, a gang led by Al Capone killed seven men in Chicago during Prohibition. With police and lawmakers going after prostitution gangs and mobs, the Valentine’s Day Massacre was a flashpoint in Prohibition’s history.

What is the significance of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day has been a religious celebration, an ancient ritual day, and a commercial holiday throughout the years. Because of all the changes, Valentine’s Day can now be whatever you want it to be: You can buy yourself some chocolate or flowers, or you can express your love and appreciation for the people in your life, whether they’re coworkers, friends, or family. Galentine’s Day is a relatively new way to celebrate, as women celebrate the love they have for their closest friends. Some people love it, while others hate it.

You can celebrate the day of love however you choose, even if it’s just by loving yourself. You could also host a Valentine’s Day party, cook a nice meal at home, or enjoy a date night out.


Valentine’s Day 2022

When you were a kid, you probably received a lot of adorable Valentine’s Day goodies. It was always more fun to pick out the perfect cards to send to everyone in class back in the day than making dozens of Valentine’s Day crafts and collecting heart-shaped candy. Many of us have lost the art of exchanging heartfelt messages on Valentine’s Day as we’ve grown up. Buying a Valentine’s Day gift, signing a generic card, and calling it a day is much easier. If you wish to make the best of Valentine’s day, you might want to write thoughtful notes to all of your loved ones.

Jodi RR Smith, the founder of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting, recommends sending cards to anyone you consider to be your inner circle. “Whether you’re sending messages of affection to your partner or appreciation to a friend, handwritten messages are so special.”

Smith says the best way to decide what to write in a Valentine’s Day card is to reflect on why this individual is important to you. Focus on the qualities that lift your spirits. Is your friendship something you value most?

Why is this person one of your favorites? Browse the following romantic quotes, jokes, and sentiments for inspiration. Your partner (and the rest of your circle) will be reminded of how special they truly are when you put thoughtful words to paper. In addition to making a lovely Valentine’s Day gift, a thoughtful Valentine’s Day message can also serve as a keepsake.

Valentine’s Day wishes for husband

  • We have the night to ourselves. I’m looking forward to celebrating with you.
  • My first Valentine’s Day with you was a memorable one. I wanted to be with you every year.
  • Over and over again, you give me peace in my heart. My heart is full of love for you.
  • I would do it all again if I had the chance.
  • I am grateful to you and to have you as my friend.
  • I love you forever and I am so grateful for you.
  • Thank you for being my happily ever after on Valentine’s Day.
  • We are friends at the core of it all. It’s wonderful. I love you.
  • It’s so wonderful to call you Valentine for so many reasons.
  • You hold a special place in my heart.
  • I still laugh hysterically when I see you. This is true love.
  • One of my favorite love stories is ours.
  • The choice would be yours again and again.
  • In particular today, I want you to know how much I cherish having you in my life and how grateful I am to have you.
  • You won’t run out of ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him if you shop with us.


Valentine’s Day wishes for wife

  • I wish my forever Valentine the sweetest, happiest day.
  • My best friend and I are so lucky to be together.
  • We have so much fun together.
  • I love that we haven’t lost the magic that makes us unique.
  • Until death does us part, I’m yours forever.
  • I consider you to be my best friend, my partner, and my soulmate.
  • Every day, I consider you my Valentine.
  • Where has the time gone? Where would I be without you?
  • I cannot breathe without you. Whenever.
  • Our adventures together are the best.
  • I am happiest when we are together.
  • Thank you for making every day an exciting one.
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Valentine’s Day wishes for boyfriend

  • I love you more than a pizza.
  • You have always been by my side and loved me unconditionally.
  • I couldn’t imagine a better boyfriend.
  • I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.
  • A box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, and red roses may make some women feel romantic. What I need is you.
  • Whenever we spend time together, I love you more.
  • I can’t imagine life without you.
  • Despite the many years we’ve been together, my heart still feels the same towards you.
  • You’re a teddy bear that no one can ever replace.
  • Today and forever, you will always be my favorite person to hold onto.
  • I can’t imagine a world without you.
  • Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day, my favorite place to be is next to you.
  • The love I have for you only grows sweeter and more valuable as time goes by.
  • Your love always makes me feel butterflies in my stomach.
  • Here are some more candy heart sayings to get you started.

Valentine’s Day wishes for girlfriend

  • Every single day I am blown away by you.
  • This will be our first Valentine’s Day together, and I’m so excited. Here’s to many more together!
  • Your love is the greatest discovery of the year.
  • My dearest Valentine here’s to many more of you.
  • I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
  • I look forward to someday being your emergency contact.
  • Without you, I wouldn’t know what to do.
  • You have made each and every moment special.
  • It’s as if the world is filled with beauty when I’m with you.
  • Every single thing about you makes me smile like a fool, and I don’t mind being your fool at all.
  • Until I met you, I had no idea how beautiful love could be.
  • What kind of banana are you? Your peel makes me happy.
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Valentine’s Day wishes for Best Friend

  • I hope your day is filled with all the things you wish for.
  • I wish you a happy and blessed day filled with all the love and happiness that you deserve.
  • Raising a glass to you on Valentine’s Day.
  • Caramel would be your chocolate of choice.
  • Wish we were together on Valentine’s Day.
  • Thanks for being a part of my life every day.
  • Thanks for being a part of my life every day.
  • I wish you Valentine’s Day filled with good food, good wine, and especially good company.
  • Here’s hoping he spoils you. That’s what you deserve.
  • Best friends make for great dates.
  • It would be impossible for me to not do anything for you, friend.
  • Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to tell my best friend how much I appreciate her.
  • I can’t remember a single day without you in the past year.
  • It would be nice if I could hug you personally, but this card will have to do for now.


Sweet Valentine’s Day Wishes

  • I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! You’re right next to where I love to be.
  • My heart belongs to you forever even if you only hold my hand for a short time.
  • There is nothing better in life than being with you.
  • Your love is what keeps me going when I feel like giving up.
  • I did not believe in luck until I met you.
  • Wherever we are, wherever we are, I’m at home with you.
  • Love stories are wonderful, but my favorite is yours.
  • You’re my soul mate. Nothing has ever made me feel as confident as I do about you.
  • All the little things you do that you don’t even realize you’re doing made me fall in love with you.
  • Every day since the day we met, you have made me laugh and smile.
  • Sometimes people just ‘click’ with each other.
  • Being around you has made me a better person.

Funny Valentine’s Day Messages

  • Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Is it true you are not sick of me yet?
  • I belong to you. Returns and exchanges are not available.
  • You and I swiped right together.
  • You are my heart. After my first cup of coffee, I liked you a lot more.
  • To have found someone as weird as me makes me so happy and thankful.
  • It’s just you and me in this world. There’s WiFi, too. Including wine. And snacks. That’s it, I promise.
  • I’m still madly in love with you, even though you watch the worst shows. You know it’s real when you watch the worst shows.
  • You are my favorite, aside from cheese.
  • My favorite thing about you is that you annoy me the least.
  • Did you ever wonder how I knew you were the one for me? I can only stand to be around you for more than six hours.
  • It isn’t easy to love me sometimes. I am worth it, though.
  • I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day! When someone gives you a folded piece of paper with a few words on it, nothing says love like this.

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Friends

  • I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I’m grateful to have you as my partner.
  • We have a great friendship.
  • In many ways, we are like husband and wife. Every Valentine’s Day, I owe you a card.
  • My Amy Poehler is like Tina Fey. Pick your favorite pop culture duo!
  • It’s hard to make friends as an adult. I appreciate your help.
  • Happy days. Tough times. Good times. Hard times. Whenever I need you, you are there.
  • Your emergency contact status is one of my favorites.
  • I am happy to have you as a friend. Unless we disagree on picking up our socks, we will remain friends.
  • Wine and socks go together like oil and water.
  • There’s no need for Valentine’s Day when I’m with you.
  • A very happy Valentine’s Day to you! Please know how much we adore you.

Quotes for Valentine’s Day

  • A lifetime with you would be better than facing all of this world’s ages alone.” – Arwen in The Lord of the Rings
  • You want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible when you realize that you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody.” – Harry in When Harry Met Sally
  • Mark in Love Actually “To me, you are perfect.”
  • When I’m with you, I feel like I can’t feel anything else. – Baby in Dirty Dancing
  • “I want you in my life forever, you and me every day.” – Noah in The Notebook
  • “I’ve come here without expectations, but to assure you – now that I’m at liberty to do so – that my heart belongs to you.” – Edward in Sense and Sensibility
  • “I am in love with you. The love we have for each other is just a shout into the void, and oblivion is unavoidable. Our labors will be returned to dust one day, and we’re all doomed. Our only Earth will be swallowed by the sun one day. I’m in love with you.” — Gus in The Fault in Our Stars
  • Even if we never met, I think I would miss you. – Nick in The Wedding Date
  • He said, “You have bewitched me from within.” I love you, I love you, I love you. “There is no possibility of being parted from you from today on.” — Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice

Happy Valentine’s Day

  • Upon first falling in love, we feel we know everything there is to know about life, and perhaps we are right.” Mignon McLaughlin “When we first fall in love, we feel like we know everything.”
  • There’s no such thing as love that makes the world go ’round. It’s the love that makes it worthwhile.” — Franklin P. Jones
  • “Love is the essence of life.” When I love, I understand everything. “Everything is and everything exists only because I love.” – Leo Tolstoy
  • The only time that you realize just how much you love someone is when they look ridiculous.” – Agatha Christie
  • “With love comes trial, but without love, the world is a desert.” — Charles Darwin
  • “I don’t want to live and live incidentally. I want to be loved and then live.” – Zelda Fitzgerald
  • In order to be loved, we must both look outward in the same direction, not just gaze at each other.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • “Curiosity in love is perhaps the most fatal of all forms of caution.” -Bertrand Russell
  • Unlike a rock, love has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, reborn.” – Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Whenever we love, we constantly strive to improve ourselves. Everything around us becomes better when we strive to become better than we are.” – Paulo Coelho

Valentine’s day Greetings

  • I believe today is Valentine’s Day, or Extortion Day as men like to refer to it.— Jay Leno
  • “Love is the most refreshing thing in life.” — Pablo Picasso
  • A friend without chocolate is better than none at all.” – Linda Grayson
  • I only want you on Valentine’s Day.” – Unknown
  • When you are in love, everything is clearer.” -John Lennon
  • The one thing about studying computer science is that you never really think about Valentine’s Day. – Jawed Karim
  • You are my Valentine every day if I choose and call you mine, my love.— Thomas Hood
  • The true meaning of love resembles ghosts, which everyone talks about yet few have seen.” – Francois de La Rochefoucauld
  • When you love fully, with all your heart, there are no bad consequences. Giving love always pays off.” – Reese Witherspoon
  • The smile is the beginning of love, so let’s always meet one another with a smile.” – Mother Teresa
  • “I love you to the core.” — Unknown
  • Love is a poem of the senses.” — Honore de Balzac
  • I fell in love with you from the first day we met.
  • The world doesn’t revolve around love. It is love that makes the ride worthwhile.” — Franklin P. Jone
  • I love your song! You are my heart’s choice!” — Unknown
  • The only thing I’ll ever need is what you are.” – Ed Sheeran
  • I can’t help falling in love with you, take my hand, take my whole life.” – Elvis Presley
  • There is no such thing as love. Rather, it is something you find.” — Loretta Young
  • Falling in love cannot be blamed on gravity. – Albert Einstein.
  • I think love means so much more than just another four letter word.” – Unknown
  • “I love you more than I’ve ever been able to express to you.” – Ben Folds
  • Get with my friends if you want to be my lover.” – Spice Girls
  • What I love about you is not what you are, but what you have made me into when I am with you. I wish you the very best on this wonderful day.
  • It is not my nature to love people halfheartedly. – Jane Austen
  • The definition of bravery is love without expectation of recompense. — Madonna
  • No matter where you are, be happy. That is my wish for you.” — Unknown
  • You can catch anyone’s eye, but it takes someone special to capture your heart.” —Unknown
  • I consider Valentine’s Day to be a love letter to the rest of the year. “It comes at a perfect time – the quiet period between the commotion of the holidays and the enticements of spring.” — Jo Lightfoot
  • “Everyone becomes a poet upon being touched by love.” – Plato
  • “Love is friendship caught in flames.” – Ann Landers

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